Rousey attracting Hollywood attention; Dana’s not gonna like this

Posted: March 1, 2013 in Commentary/Opinion, Latest news, Rumors
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RondaSo how long before Ronda Rousey takes her talents to Hollywood? After exactly ONE fight in the UFC, she’s already gaining a lot of attention from another industry that threatens to shift her focus away from the sport that made her a cross over star in the first place. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Rousey has signed with Hollywood talent agency, William Morris Endeavor.

There are also rumors floating around that she was offered a role in the guaranteed blockbuster sequel to “The Hunger Games.” That movie is set to rake in about a gazillion dollars worldwide and would likely put her on a bigger stage than the A-Team, Expendables and Haywire…combined.

Really this is a sticky situation for her boss, Dana White. Dana’s hope was that the UFC becomes the biggest attraction in the world. While he’s not quite there yet, he is making tremendous strides. Unfortunately, the more mainstream popularity his organization and his fighters get, the more opportunities will start popping up outside the cage—kind of defeating the purpose.

“You know how I feel about the movie stuff,” White told “UFC Tonight” this week. “I don’t want to take away any opportunities away from Ronda, but at the same time, the thing that you have to keep in perspective is that her window of opportunity as a professional athlete is (small). She could make a zillion movies when this sport’s over.”

Of course, these comments might not be exactly accurate. Sure, her window of opportunity to fight is small. But so is her window of being the undefeated champion of the world. How long will it last? What if she loses her next fight? Does the luster—and appeal to movie studios—wear off?

Take Royce Gracie for example. What if the first UFC’s were viewed by more than just a few dudes in their mom’s basement and he took the mainstream world by storm. Gracie had an incredible unbeaten streak of 11 fights. He was never going to get “bigger.” You know how long that window was? 13 months. If I’m Gracie—and again, we’re saying that UFC 1 through 4 were as popular as they are today for this example—I jump at the chance to step onto the big screen in action movies. Take the money—and the fame—when you can.

If Rousey loses her next fight, there’s a very good chance her “window” of superstardom starts to fizzle into the “flavor of the day” category. It will be very interesting to see if she actually accepts the offer in the Hunger Games. I know I would (just in case Jennifer Lawrence needs a solid love interest).


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