Writer from ‘The Examiner’ reverts back to Middle School with Lame Rousey “Hot Meat” Article

Posted: March 1, 2013 in Commentary/Opinion
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ronda-rousey-3Let me be very upfront about where I found this article. The guys at Middle Easy first reported this, so I’m giving proper credit to them for beating me to the punch on this ridiculous UFC 157 article that was apparently written by a 7th grader with a boner. It comes from The Examiner, a site I don’t typically look at—and now I know why. Take a look at the headline of a recent article about Rousey’s victory celebration last weekend.

Are you ready?

If the headline wasn’t enough to make your eyes roll, the first couple paragraphs will make you think this was written by the same kid who took advantage of his “lofty” position on the high school yearbook staff. You know the kid…the one that added “loves to masturbate” as one of your hobbies under your senior picture. DAMN YOU JOHN QUICK! MY mom saw that and started crying!

I’ll re-print the opening three paragraphs from this guy’s article and let you be the judge if he’s trying to be funny—or just a complete perv.

According to a Feb. 25 report from MMA Fighting, Ronda Rousey put hot, steamy meat in her mouth to celebrate her UFC 157 victory over Liz Carmouche.

Rousey had apparently been craving tender, juicy meat throughout her training camp, but she wasn’t allowed to indulge because she had to worry about contractual weight requirements.

Once the ‘W’ was secured and the fight was over, Rousey was finally able to suck on some delicious bones, as her camp explained that she feasted in her private hotel room following UFC 157.

Again, thanks to Middle Easy for finding this.


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