Let the speculation begin! Jon Jones Tweets about “life changing news”

Posted: March 4, 2013 in Latest news, Rumors
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jonjonesWell this has let-down written all over it. UFC champ Jon “Bones” Jones went to Twitter early this morning with a couple pretty bold statements that are definitely meant to be some kind of vague mystery, sure to get everyone riled up and guessing. While these types of things rarely turn out to be as magnificent as the initial message would lead us to believe, still…when the champ speaks, people listen.

At roughly 6:46am, Jones tweeted the following. Today’s going to be a special day, maybe even life changing!! Then about a half hour later, he dropped another one on us. Stay tuned for the breaking news!!!

There’s no way to speculate what he’s talking about yet. I’ve heard fans on the message boards starting to get all crazy with “Sonnen is injured” rumors and other major things. But quite frankly this could be nothing more than a new sponsorship announcement or that he’s planning to buy a new car.

But of course, despite my skepticism, guess who has two thumbs and will be refreshing Twitter all day? THIS GUY!

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