Matt Riddle really showed the UFC who’s Boss!

Posted: March 6, 2013 in Commentary/Opinion, Latest news
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riddlecardI seriously wondered about the intelligence of former UFC welterweight Matt Riddle when he posted a picture of his medical marijuana card online. It clearly showed his complete address, and every other piece of personal information on the card. But I just chalked it up to inexperience and I let it go.

Then I seriously questioned his intelligence again when he made some weird comments about why he smokes pot. He claimed it relaxed him (duh!) and kept him from beating his crying children and insane wife. Yeah, he really said that. But I let it go again, because I’m a nice guy.

But then I really started thinking that this guy is stupid when he failed ANOTHER drug test. That’s two failed tests in three fights. Question…after getting popped the first time, didn’t he expect to be tested the next time? That’s pretty dumb. And now he’s out of a job.

But then Riddle kept talking. He discussed the state of the UFC as a business. I picture him surrounded by a cloud of smoke, when he profoundly announced things like “the downfall of the UFC…” Actually I’m already bored with his remarks. Sounds like one of those out-of-work idiots sitting in a gas station all day telling everyone what’s wrong with this country and what he’d do differently.

The icing on the cake was when he boldly declared that if the UFC asks him back, he’ll say “no.” He’s not interested in fighting for the UFC. Talk about the downfall of the UFC! No Matt Riddle?!? I think Dana White said it best in a succinct tweet, “we can make sure that happens.”

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