‘Fighter’s Cut’ comments about Lesnar reminds us that Frank Mir is a bit of a Douche

Posted: March 7, 2013 in Commentary/Opinion

lesnar and mirEvery once in a while Frank Mir reminds us that he’s much more than a former UFC heavyweight champion. He’s also kind of a douche. Remember when he tried to tell us he punches harder than Junior Dos Santos? That should tell you he’s more than full of himself. And here’s yet another example of Frank Mir’s love affair…with Frank Mir.

Mir appeared on Fighter’s Cut recently and discussed his UFC 81 fight with Brock Lesnar. It was Lesnar’s UFC debut, and we all know that Mir won the fight. But Mir’s comments about the fight show that he might be suffering form a little brain damage.

Right off the bat, Lesnar threw what appeared to be a half-speed straight right that caught Mir in the face. He went down like he was shot by a sniper. Rather than acknowledge the punch, he commented that “I was more or less off-balance.” Oh, really? Did you slip on a banana peel Frank?

After “slipping” to the mat, Lesnar pounced on top, throwing several hammerfists that I admit, would have killed me. I watched a couple times and of course some of them hit their mark and some missed. Mir didn’t even admit that much. Instead he called those punches “baby shots.” He went further by saying, “it was like getting in a fight with your little sister.”

Good lord Mir. Baby shots? I’ve said before, I’m not a Lesnar apologist. I do however think that Brock is often misrepresented in the hardcore MMA community as a “fake wrestler.” Mir’s comments support that notion. All I have to say to Mir after hearing these comments is…whatever. Remember this?

lesnar mir

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