Mark Hunt vs. Junior Dos Santos is back on!

Posted: March 11, 2013 in Commentary/Opinion, Latest news
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huntstruveUPDATE to the UPDATE: Well this is really getting weird. After commenting what a good idea it was for Mark Hunt to step in against Junior Dos Santos at UFC 160, things got nuts. Dana White publicly announced that Hunt TURNED THE FIGHT DOWN, which made no sense at the time. But over the weekend, something happened to change Hunt’s mind. Apparently he is now back in against Junior. If you’d like to hear the story first hand, Hunt will be appearing on The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani today.

1st UPDATE: Well, we really didn’t expect this. Word is leaking out that Hunt was in fact offered the Dos Santos fight…and he turned it down. He declined to comment to Ariel Helwani but this is a strange and unexpected turn of events. You’d think if it was injury related, Hunt wouldn’t have started talking about wanting to fight Junior. Strange.


Originally posted last week… The highly anticipated co-main event matchup between Junior Dos Santos and Alistair Overeem at UFC 160 has been scrapped. Overeem has sustained an injury and will be pulled from the fight, leaving JDS without an opponent. And Mark hunt has just made himself available. But it didn’t take Dana White long to squash everyone’s hopes.

Hunt’s fans are rabid, and naturally they jumped at the chance to hype their favorite guy. And Hunt is ready if he’s offered the fight. “If I get the call for the fight, I’m there, of course,” he told MMA Fighting.  “And the fans are crazy for it, so it’s good.” Unfortunately for Hunt, that offer won’t be coming this time. White already stated that JDS vs. Overeem would be pushed to a later event.

Hunt has won four straight fights in what has become a career revitalization for the former K-1 champion and Pride star. Not only does this fight sound interesting, but it would have made perfect sense as well. Hunt has publicly stated he wants a top 5 opponent next, and frankly, he deserves it. The top of the heavyweight division has always been a little thin. This was a chance to elevate one of the middle tier guys with a huge fan following.

“I’m always down for a battle,” he said. “I was born down. You know this.” It’s safe to say, Hunt has that “cool” factor going in his favor as well. I was totally down for this fight also. Thank you Dana for ruining my day.


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