Jurassic Milwaukee Journalist joins Kenny & Bas to Talk Nonsense about “Disgusting” MMA

Posted: March 12, 2013 in Commentary/Opinion, Latest news
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You may have heard about a prehistoric journalist from Milwaukee who was bashing MMA as a barbaric, disgusting event that he refuses to call a sport. The old bastard’s name is Dave Begel and by the looks o f him, he was one of the first settlers of Milwaukee back in the early 1800s. I could go on all day with old jokes, trust me. But let me touch on his appearance on Inside MMA with Bas and Kenny (full interview below).

Begel has a hard time answering several of the relevant questions, because he kept taking the easy way out and saying he refused to talk about any other sport besides MMA. He wouldn’t discuss boxing, wrestling, judo or any other Olympic sport (sports that he considers legitimate). When Bas tried to explain that MMA was a combination of all those sports Begel eluded the question again.

He then went on an inexplicable tirade about men’s lesbian fantasies or something. If I didn’t think this fossil’s last erection came around the time of the Teddy Roosevelt administration, I’d say he was getting himself worked into a lather talking about this supposed universal fantasy.

I’m fine with people not liking or accepting MMA. It’s not for everyone. But it’s always frustrating when you listen to someone speak as though he’s an expert on a subject he CLEARLY doesn’t understand. I’m also not the type of guy to make fun of someone for their age (actually, I am that type of person), but I don’t have a problem calling someone narrow minded like this dinosaur. Hey Begel, go back to yelling “get off my lawn” to all the kids in your neighborhood.


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