Keyboard ‘Warrior’ Trolls a Pro Boxer on Twitter and gets a BIG Surprise

Posted: March 12, 2013 in Cool Stuff We Like

computer-geekThis should be a lesson for anyone who thinks the internet can protect you from making disparaging comments towards a guy who gets paid to beat people up for a living. Professional boxer Curtis Woodhouse found himself the target of a Twitter troll after a recent loss. And then he turned the tables.

Some keyboard warrior started talking trash to Woodhouse and it started to get out of hand. Using hashtags like “#WasteofSpunk” and #ShitBoxer will give you an idea of this guy’s attempt at being tough.

But then something wonderful happened. Woodhouse found out what street this guy lived on! Oops! So he decided to pay the troll a visit, and tweet the entire journey. That’s when the tweeter who calls himself “The Master” started clamming up. As he got closer, Woodhouse tweeted that the troll must have “shit his pants” because of his silence. Woodhouse said he was coming over for “a brew.”

Once Woodhouse found the exact street, he threatened to knock on every door until he found The Master. Finally after a long stretch of silence, The Master hilariously came out of hiding to say he was only joking!

The final exchange ended predictably with the keyboard warrior saying “i am sorry its getting abit out of hand i am in the wrong i accept that.”

This guy must have really shit his pants! I guess that’s a good lesson for everyone who thinks it’s funny to be a tough guy sitting at your computer. Wait…should I be worried about this?

Or this?

Or this?

Or this?

Or this?

Or this?

Oh shit!

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