Don Frye might be completely insane; accuses Mir and Couture of “throwing” Lesnar Fights

Posted: March 13, 2013 in Latest news
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fryeDon Frye is legend in the sport. He is also hilarious to listen to. But he also seems like “that guy” who sits around McDonald’s for three hours drinking free refill after free refill of coffee bitching about all the problems the corrupt government has heaped upon us innocent civilians. Now he’s got something to say about Brock Lesnar.

Frye hates Lesnar; let’s get that out of the way. Of course if you hate a guy, that means he sucks at everything in Don Frye’s world. And that’s why Frye is claiming that Lesnar’s wins over Frank Mir and Randy Couture were questionable. Yes, you guessed it. He thinks those fights were fixed.

He told Inside the Cage that Mir and Couture took dives, and had plenty of opinions on Lesnar too. “That guy’s a waste of flesh. I’ve never met a bigger asshole in my life. They spent all that time pumping him up. They hand fed him…I think Mir and Couture threw the goddamn fights. I know Randy Couture’s a much better wrestler than Lesnar ever thought about being. Mir could’ve been the greatest of all time if it wasn’t for that motorcycle accident. There’s no way either one of those guys should have lost to Lesnar. I’ve had a couple dinners with Lesnar, had a couple drinks with him and found him to be a complete asshole.”

So two former champions decided to throw their fights against a guy who had no business even stepping into the same cage with them? OK Frye. Look, Frye is an entertaining guy, but statements like this will send him straight to “Senile Old Bastard Town” faster than you can say “senile old bastard.”

The way I remember those fights, Lesnar put a pretty big beating on both of them. Frank Mir’s face looked like it went through a wood chipper. My advice to Frye is to save his insane opinions for the other senior citizens drinking all the coffee and clogging up the toilets at the local Golden Arches.


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