Seagal bumps into Valdimir Putin in Russia — probably re-started the Cold War

Posted: March 13, 2013 in Commentary/Opinion

seagalputinIt’s been awhile since I got to talk about Steven Seagal. But it seems the man whose 7th degree black belt in competitive eating is outnumbered only by the number of chins her has, is back in the news. Taking a page from another guy wishes he was still famous, Dennis Rodman, Seagal has taken a trip overseas to rub elbows with a world leader–in this case, Vladimir Putin.

It seems that the Sensei was invited to attend the opening of a martial arts school in Russia. Apparently, 1990’s VHS tapes have just made it to Russia and Putin thinks Seagal is relevant. Couldn’t he have invited Fedor Emelianenko instead?

Whatever these guys have going on, let’s just hope Seagal knows his role and doesn’t try to “Rodman” everything. Next thing you know, he’ll  come back to the States with a plan to finally end the Cold War. Oh wait; that ended like a couple decades ago? Oh well, Seagal’s never been the smartest tool on the tree. By the way, get a load of Seagal in this picture. His hair dye gets blacker and blacker every time I see him. Time to ease up on the Grecian Formaula.


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