Wanderlei Silva watches his Son win a jiu jitsu match; then scolds him for not drawing enough blood

Posted: March 13, 2013 in Commentary/Opinion
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thorHere’s a sweet father and son video that will warm your heart. Actually, it’s a video of a guy named “the Axe Murderer” watching his son, who’s named Thor in a jiu jitsu match. It’s kind of like watching a lion take his young lion cub out to his first kill. You see a little fear, a little inexperience, and then you see that steely look in the eyes of what could potentially be a future beast.

You can see and hear Wanderlei watching his son and recording it on his iPhone. He’s shouting instruction in Portuguese so I’m not exactly sure everything he said, but I could decipher some of it.  At one point I think Wanderlei yelled to kick him in the head.

After young Thor brought his opponent to tears at one point, the match continued. While controlling his opponent he looked up at his father as if to say, “dad, is it okay if I head stomp this kid?”

In the end, Thor Silva was declared the winner and to celebrate, Wanderlei ate his. Not really. By the way, do you think the words, “my dad can beat up your dad” ever come into play at the school playground?


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