UFC Stat of the Day — Striking Differential (you might be shocked at some of the names on this list)

Posted: March 27, 2013 in Cool Stuff We Like

cain-velasquezStatistics can be deceiving. We all know that. But still, they serve a purpose and are always eye opening. Let’s take a look at some statistics courtesy of UFC.com – Strike Differential. This number reflects how many strikes a fighter throws in relation to his opponents. Obviously the greater the differential, the more lopsided the striking is.

You won’t be surprised to see several fighters considered in the P4P mix like Cain, Dos Santos, GSP and Jones; but you may be surprised by a few who didn’t make the list at all (no Anderson Silva?). And maybe even by some who did make the list.

Oddly, The Spider is only ranked #7 at in his own weight class—one spot behind Kyle Noke. Another strange glitch is that three light heavyweights (Diabate, Jones and Franklin) appear in the top 10. But upon closer inspection, the top LHW in UFC in this category is none of them. It’s Alessio Sakara. Why was he omitted from the overall list? Who thinks Jon Madsen is a striker? Well, me either. But he’s still ranked #7 at heavyweight.

Here’s the top 10 in UFC history.

  1. Cain Velasquez
  2. Cyrille Diabate
  3. Junior Dos Santos
  4. Georges St-Pierre
  5. Jon Jones
  6. Fabricio Werdum
  7. Court McGee
  8. Rich Franklin
  9. Nate Quarry
  10. Rory MacDonald

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