Video: Dana White’s “Man Weekend” includes everything you’d expect … and felating a goat?

Posted: March 27, 2013 in Commentary/Opinion
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DanaVIGDana White released a new video blog even though there isn’t a fight to hype or review. Instead, he decided to take his camera man with him to his crib in Maine. White’s posse of high-end misfits also showed up and the crew pretended they were frat boys all over again.

In this episode we see Nick the Tooth try to choke down the “world’s hottest hot sauce” without much success–maybe it had something to do with him chasing it with a Big Gulp full of Jack Daniels. The boys also did manly things like blow shit up; ride motorcycles, shoot guns and of course, it isn’t a man-party unless somebody … FELATES A GOAT! Watch the full episode here.


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