Here’s an April Fool’s Day gag I actually like

Posted: April 1, 2013 in Commentary/Opinion, Cool Stuff We Like

fryeI usually dread April 1st. The day is typically littered with people who THINK something is funny—like a gag or a prank—but we all know it isn’t. Remember the fat kid in school who would pull the chair out from under you in 2nd grade? He always kept laughing his chubby ass off despite the fact that the unfortunate victim slammed their head on the tile floor and required 37 stitches and a few days in a coma.

I’m also sure we’ll hear some pretty big MMA related news today that we’ll all believe because…well, why wouldn’t we? And ultimately we’ll all be disappointed when we find out that it was just some jackass who thought it would be funny to leak the “story” that Cain Velasquez will be fighting Jon Jones next month and Fedor has finally signed with the UFC to fight Chuck Liddell for the newly vacant 205 pound title.

All those nuisances aside, it is refreshing to see a cool April Fool’s Day gag done the right way. One of my daily searches has always been Middle Easy. They usually add just the right amount of humor and sarcasm to their MMA news and today is no exception. Check them out for a cool blast from the past. Everything from the throwback graphics, to the old school news and results is very cool.

But still…be aware of the fat kid today.


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