If Bisping loses to “idiot” Belcher, it will be his Coaches’ fault

Posted: April 1, 2013 in Commentary/Opinion

bispingVIGMichael Bisping usually has a lot to say. And whatever he says, he doesn’t seem to mind offending as many people as possible. His upcoming fight with Alan Belcher is no exception. In a recent interview with MixedMartialArts.com he had some choice words for Belcher and as always, he managed to take it a little too far.

“I used to feel sorry for him really,” The Count began. “I had nothing against the guy, just thought he was a bit of an idiot.” This is starting out well isn’t it? See, Bisping is a nice guy; he felt sorry for Belcher for being an idiot. He continued.

“He thinks he’s some great Thai boxer because he walks around in Thai shorts and he went to Phuket. I went to Thailand for three months, but I don’t go around talking about it all the time. He’s got decent Jiu-jitsu, but I don’t see his knockout power. He’s a middleweight so he should be capable of it, but I don’t see it. His Thai boxing is mediocre, at best.”

And here’s where Bisping started covering his own ass. While discussing how much better he is than Belcher, he dropped a hint as to how confident he is about beating Belcher. In fact, he’s so certain he’ll win that IF he loses, it won’t even be his fault! What? Yep, take a listen…

“If I lose, there is something seriously wrong,” he said. “I’ve told my coaches that if I don’t win, you’re all fucking fired because you’re doing something wrong.” So he’s so much better than Belcher that IF he loses, it’s his coaches’ fault! Wow, I have to say, I’ve never heard this one before. A preemptive excuse that totally deflects any responsibility away from him.


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