Wanderlei admits to April Fools joke — NOT funny, Wand!

Posted: April 2, 2013 in Commentary/Opinion, Latest news, Rumors


UPDATE: As we kinda thought–but hoped wasn’t the case–Wanderlei Silva has finally come out and said he was joking. Listen Wand, you’re one of my favorites, but this joke is LAME and NOT FUNNY.


What do you get when you combine Alexander Gustafsson, Wanderlei Silva and Dana White with April Fool’s Day? Obviously you get a lot of confusion. We talked about the injury suffered by Gus over the weekend, which is rumored to be serious enough to put him out of his fight with Gegard Mousasi Saturday.

Since that time, we’ve heard that Gus still wants to fight, and we’ve heard Dana White say the fight isn’t off yet. Is it wishful thinking on White’s part? Who knows. But then yesterday—which happened to be April 1st—we got some more weird “news.”

Wanderlei Silva started tweeting that he was fighting Mousasi. Although he used broken English, it was clear that he was saying he’s fighting in Sweden. White dismissed that claim, saying it was Wand’s way of pulling a prank. But prank or no prank, Mousasi accepted Wand’s challenge. See, this is weird.

Then Wand spoke to Tatame about it. He stuck with the story and even implicated Joe Silva. He said he’s flying to Sweden today and is already packed. “I was surprised when I got a call from Joe Silva today,” he explained. “But what others see as adversity I see as opportunity. I’m ready and I’m actually closing my suitcase right now. My flight to Sweden departs tomorrow morning.”

So what the hell is going on? Is Wanderlei Silva fighting Mousasi? Is Gustafsson fighting Mousasi? Is the entire show going to be canceled? This might be one of those WWE angles where we aren’t sure exactly whose music is going to play once Mousasi gets in the cage. With that in mind, maybe Brock will show up.


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