TUF Highs (Hall & Samman Finishes) and Lows (Bubba’s breakdown)

Posted: April 3, 2013 in Commentary/Opinion, The Ultimate Fighter

bubbaSeason 17 of The Ultimate Fighter has been a good one. Plenty of great fights, shocking finishes and two coaches who appear to be outstanding—perhaps surprisingly so. Even though we weren’t able to get a weekly contributor as we’ve done in past seasons (Neil Magny, Ryan McGillivray and Nam Phan), it doesn’t mean we’re not watching religiously. Last night’s episode was on par with most this season—very good.

The standout angle on last night’s show was undoubtedly Bubba’s attitude toward fighting Uriah Hall. I’ll just come out and say it; he wanted NO part of Hall. All he talked about was how he didn’t’ want to fight Hall and started coming up with excuses. I always shy away from saying and fighting is faking an injury, but I’ll let you decide if Bubba’s “ailments” were physical or mental.

In the end, Hall did to Bubba what any high-level fighter would do to a guy who was afraid of him—he destroyed him quickly. I’ve honestly never seen a person so happy to be knocked out in 9 seconds before. Bubba was almost giddy with relief when he was laying on the ground face-first. Yes, relief is definitely the word I’d use.

Hall is a beast for sure…and a little crazy too. That’s a scary combination. Coach Sonnen called him a legit contender and honestly, he might be right given the requisite seasoning. The other standout—as he continually tells us—is Josh Samman. I’m compelled to overlook his constant “Roy Nelson-ing” (the too cool for school, I’m better than everyone else attitude) and just accept that he seems to be a pretty darn good fighter. He took out Jimmy despite being on his back much of the round, ending it with a series of knees and then strikes to the head.

I was getting worried during the meeting that they might have Josh and Uriah fight next week. Both Jones and Sonnen asked for that fight for some reason. White overruled them both and decided to “save” Hall/Samman for the finals. There’s no telling if it will work out that way, but that seemed to be the clear plan.


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