Cormier answers Mir’s trash talk with chilling promise to beat him up for 15 straight minutes

Posted: April 4, 2013 in UFC Events
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cormier1There’s an interesting dynamic going on right now between two heavyweights who will be mixing it up on UFC on Fox 7 later this month. It seems every time Frank Mir opens his mouth, he gives us a reason to dislike him even more. Conversely, every time we hear from his opponent Daniel Cormier, he makes us like him just a bit more. Interesting huh? Well they both spoke again recently and as you guessed, the pattern continued.

Not too long ago, Mir talked a little trash about Cormier’s ability to finish fights. According to Mir, “(Cormier) doesn’t really have much finishing ability.” While admitting Cormier’s wrestling is extremely “efficient,” he claims that his ground and pound isn’t devastating in the least. Mir went so far as to say that if he was on top of Cormier’s opponents as Cormier was, those fights would have been finished.

A glance at Cormier’s Wikipedia page reminds us (and Mir) that in 11 fights, DC has 8 finishes. Mir dismissed most of them as fights that the referee stopped for him. Is there a distinction? Apparently in Frank Mir’s world there is.

Cormier addressed those remarks with Bleacher Report and did so in a way that—as mentioned—made me chuckle. He talked about how it seems Mir doesn’t have the ability to be humbled, even though he should have been. He brought up the Brock Lesnar fight: “Frank should have been humbled by the beating Brock put on him,” but he wasn’t. He kept talking trash.

Then he mentioned the Shane Carwin fight: “(Mir) talked about Shane Carwin and Shane Carwin finished him, still didn’t humble him.” And finally he brought up the Junior Dos Santos fight: “(Mir) talked about Junior dos Santos after Junior dos Santos beat him up,” but STILL he didn’t act humbled. Cormier nailed it.

Then DC turned his attention to Mir’s claim that he couldn’t finish fights. Cormier’s response was incredible. “Frank Mir says I can’t finish fights? Okay that’s fine,” he said. “My intention in this fight is NOT to finish Frank Mir. I’m going beat up on Frank Mir for 15 minutes and I’m going to make him stay in that cage with me.”

“If Frank Mir gets finished, it will be because he quit.”


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