Brian Ebersole reacts to Mitrione’s attack on Fallon Fox — invites Fox to train with him at Tiger Muay Thai

Posted: April 11, 2013 in Commentary/Opinion
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Matt Mitrione’s harsh comments toward transgender fighter Fallon Fox have created quite the fallout. UFC welterweight Brian Ebersole saw the story all the way in Thailand and had to jump on Skype to extend a generous offer. Clearly disappointed with the cutting remarks Mitrione made to Fox, Ebersole invited Fox to his home gym, Tiger Muay Thai, to train.

“I didn’t bother reading the article,” Ebersole stated on Beyond the Cage, a fast-rising MMA podcast who was first on this story. “But I saw the headline while training here in Thailand and thought I should post about it. I invited Fallon to come out and train at Tiger Muay Thai if she would like to work on her skills because that’s what we do.”

Ebersole wasn’t surprised to see that Mittrione was suspended by the UFC for his verbal attack, which included him calling Fox a “disgusting freak.” Ebersole has even had a couple run-ins with Meathead. Following Ebersole’s upset victory over Mitrione’s training partner and friend Chris Lytle, Mitrione confronted him on the bus to the hotel.

“He was pretty upset with me about my performance against Chris Lytle saying I show-boated and things like that,” he explained. If you remember, Ebersole delivered a dominating performance against the veteran that included a couple attempts at his signature move, the cartwheel kick. Apparently, Mitrione didn’t like it.

Back to the subject of Fox, Ebersole did admit he was still up in the air on whether Fox should be cleared to fight against women inside the cage. But Mitrione’s verbal attack was out of line. For Ebersole, it’s not personal against Mitrione—the Bad Boy has also had met the heavyweight slugger on better terms and referred to him as a “nice, down to earth guy” at times.

Ebersole’s offer for Fox to train at Tiger Muay Thai in Thailand still stands. As with any controversial subject, there will be attacks made by some people. However, with Ebersole’s offer, it looks like Fox will be garnering some support in her corner as well.


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