TUF 17 Finale Biggest Winner: Cat Zingano becomes a Star

Posted: April 15, 2013 in Biggest Winners/Biggest Losers, UFC Events

It was funny to see all the websites across the MMA world predict the Miesha Tate vs. Cat Zingano fight. I’d say the split was easily 90/10 in favor of Tate. It’s understandable really. Most websites, even the “big” ones, didn’t even know the basic skill set of Zingano. Really all everyone knew was, Tate had been on TV several times, Zingano hadn’t. Advantage Tate…I guess?

Well, actually not. Zingano had some jitters in the early going but her aggression and vicious striking ended Tate’s chances of coaching The Ultimate Fighter 18 with Ronda Rousey. Zingano became a star Saturday night. She knocked out of the most highly regarded female fighters in the world; secured a shot at the champion and earned a coaching gig on TUF.

More than that, she came across as a killer. The way she dominated Tate in the 3rd round—when she needed it most—was pretty amazing. Two days later and the MMA world is still talking about those knees and elbows. The hype train for the next TUF is going to be huge and Zingano and Rousey will be the stars.

While Cat was the star of the event over the weekend, her opponent really takes a step back in my eyes—and not for her performance. One thing fighters need to STOP is the constant excuses. Tate’s complaints that the fight was stopped too early are tiring. The fact is, she was getting destroyed. Sure, Kim Winslow could have let it go on for another few seconds, but why? What everyone forgets is that if a fight isn’t stopped, the beating will continue.

Tate’s supposed “shot” at Zingano’s leg wasn’t much more than her falling down and trying to grab at something. It certainly wasn’t a takedown attempt. So if they let it go on, Tate would have taken an even more severe beating while laying face-first on the ground. But I digress.

When you watch this event again, pay attention because a new star named Cat Zingano was born, and she stole the show.


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