Ref Josh Rosenthal guilty of a crapload of pot — $6 Million worth!

Posted: April 18, 2013 in Commentary/Opinion, Latest news

One of the highest profile referees in MMA is in a little bit of trouble. Maybe more than a little bit. Josh Rosenthal has pled guilty to some serious felony drug charges including conspiracy to manufacture and distribute marijuana.

Although Rosenthal hasn’t been inside a UFC cage since last October in Minneapolis, most fans probably didn’t realize he was absent or facing this rap. Last year, federal agents raided a Rosenthal owned warehouse and found what can only be described as Nick Diaz’s version of heaven—over 1300 marijuana plants! Oops.

Now Rosenthal is looking at jail time and more. The maximum punishment for this is 10 years to life in prison (damn!), a 10 million dollar fine (damn!) and at least 5 years probation. More likely, he’s looking at a government recommended punishment of 37 months in jail, fines and 5 years probation.

Incidentally, the street value of the pot found in that warehouse is hovering around $6 million. Although I cannot confirm nor deny that it was some high quality stuff. We won’t be seeing Rosenthal in the octagon anytime soon. But if we ever see him again, I’m sure he’ll have to endure plenty of “Heisenberg” references from the live crowds.


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