Watch thorn-in-my-side Larry Fitzgerald work out with Champ Ben Henderson

Posted: April 18, 2013 in Commentary/Opinion

fitzLet me tell you something about Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald. I hold this guy personally responsible for the demise of Helmet—my fantasy football team—in 2012. I drafted this dude as my #1 receiver ahead of guys like Julio Jones, Brandon Marshall and A.J. Green.

Do I blame myself? No…I do not.

Do I blame Philip Rivers for being terrible? No I do not.

Do I blame Fitzgerald? Yes. Yes I do.

In 2011 the so-called All-Pro had 1,411 and 8 TDs. Those are numbers I thought he could eclipse in 2012. And he did eclipse them—if “eclipse” means “doesn’t even approach them” in Fitzgeraldian. This guy cut those numbers IN HALF! HALF! Like he’s only half a player.

These are the numbers he delivered for me…798 yards and 4 TDs. Thanks a lot Fitzgerald! You suck!

And here’s a video of him working out with UFC champ Ben Henderson in Phoenix.


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