Dana White letting GSP choose his next fight — Hendricks or Silva

Posted: April 19, 2013 in Commentary/Opinion, Latest news, Rumors

silvaGSPDana White is letting his biggest superstar pick his next fight. White said in yesterday’s media call that he would be talking to welterweight champ Georges St-Pierre later about his next fight. And Johny Hendricks won’t like this one bit. Apparently White will give GSP the option of fighting either Hendricks—who we all assumed has more than earned the #1 contender label—or Anderson Silva.

The Silva superfight is a guaranteed smash in terms of fan interest and PPV buys. It would almost certainly be the biggest fight of the year. Aside from this being a huge fight, the other reason to jump on it now, is that there seems to be more interest in seeing two reining champion fight each other—as opposed to two huge stars.

What I mean is if GSP loses to Hendricks and drops the belt, a little of the luster will be lost in the superfight with Silva. That comment will in no way make Hendricks feel any better as he sits on the verge of losing his title opportunity yet again in favor of a high profile “money fight.”

So which would you rather see next?


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