Some idiot fan at ‘TUF Finale’ thought he’d throw a punch at Chael Sonnen

Posted: April 19, 2013 in Commentary/Opinion, Latest news

SOnnenVIG1Over the weekend, Chael Sonnen almost got in an extra sparring session during The Ultimate Fighter Finale at Mandalay Bay. Apparently he was called over the stands by a male fan. Sonnen walked over to the Brazilian Anderson Silva fan, took some verbal shots and then the fan threw a punch at him!

I always say, if you think you’re tough enough to trade blows with a professional mixed martial artist…you’re NOT! So throwing a punch at a guy who’s been #1 contender at two different weight classes is a horse shit idea. Not to mention, what happens if you miss? Well that’s exactly what happened to this guy. He missed.

Lucky for him, Sonnen handled it well. And by “well” I mean he didn’t go bananas and destroy the dude. So here’s a question for a fan wanting to mix it up? What would a loose cannon like Nick Diaz have done in that situation? What about an axe murderer like Wanderlei Silva? Or a hopping up and down Chuck Liddell?

Note to all fans…you paid your $50 or $100 to get in the building. Your $29/month membership at the local Kung Fu dojo has probably prepared you for all the street thugs in Boise, Idaho. But in no way are you equipped to handle a pro fighter by lobbing out a sucker punch with so little behind it that a chubby security guard can intercept it. So unless you enjoy eating your meals through a straw, don’t do it.


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