Ben Henderson leaves the Cage with his Belt — and his Girlfriend leaves with Ring

Posted: April 22, 2013 in Latest news

Bendo-ProposesBen Henderson walked into the cage Saturday night with a championship belt; and he walked out with the same belt…and a brand new ball and chain. After earning a very close split decision victory over Gilbert Melendez, Henderson proposed to his girlfriend in the center of the octagon.

Since Melendez was essentially the hometown favorite for this fight, Henderson found himself in a sticky situation. Once the decision was announced, the San Jose crowd voiced their disapproval pretty loudly. The boos carried over into Henderson’s proposal, leading to perhaps the first ever wedding proposal to be drowned out by jeers from the audience.

I suppose the saving grace for the champ was that she said yes.

It would have really ruined his day to grind out a close win over Melendez, only to get KO’d by his girlfriend immediately afterwards. Here’s the video.


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