Mitrione’s harsh suspension lifted after 2 weeks — will face Schaub at ‘UFC on Fox 8’

Posted: April 25, 2013 in Latest news, UFC Events
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Mitrione-Matt-UFC113-1The heavy hand of the UFC has been lifted! Matt Mitrione’s suspension has FINALLY run its course – after about harsh 2 weeks. Since most of our readers don’t suffer from severe short-term memory loss, I probably don’t have to remind you why he was suspended. So to be brief, he opened his big mouth and ripped transgender fighter Fallon Fox a new one. His comments were insensitive and offensive – and I’m being polite with that description.

So it looks like the UFC’s much ballyhooed code of conduct has about as much teeth as Mitrione has internal filter. The aptly named Meathead was just booked in a fight against Brendan Schaub for UFC on Fox 8. The suspension has been lifted and Mitrione will be fighting in July.

The two TUF 10 competitors will square off in an important fight for both men. It could be a loser leaves town fight, so to speak. Schaub has a tendency to get KTFO. He avoided a 3 fight losing streak by “beating” Lavar Johnson in a terrible fight where Schaub did very little to make me not want to kill myself.

Likewise, Mitrione needs a win. His only victory in the past 2 years has been to Phil DeFries. Not a great résumé either. But Mitrione does have power. And that spells trouble for The Hybrid.


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