Phil Davis accused of Violence and Death Threats by Mother of his Child

Posted: April 26, 2013 in Latest news

Phil-DavisWell this isn’t what you’d call good crossover publicity. TMZ is reporting a horrible story about UFC light heavyweight Phil Davis just a day before his UFC 159 fight. TMZ is reporting that the mother of Davis’s child is accusing the contender of some pretty rough stuff—and she’s placing blame on his occupation too.

In the article, TMZ says that Vantris Patterson claims Davis “body slammed her on a couch with such force…when the couch slid into the wall, paint came off.” She also says that Davis would frequently choke her during intercourse. When she’d plead with him to stop, Davis would supposedly reply, “shut the fuck up bitch.”

Patterson also accuses Davis of “numerous” threats to kill her if she ever slept with another man. In addition to the accusations which will certainly put a negative spotlight on Davis, Patterson holds Davis’ profession as a fighter partially to blame.

She says that his violent ways increased because of his involvement with the UFC, and tosses out this line of reasoning, “I am afraid that the numerous fights have negatively impacted his mental stability.”

To add a twist to the story, Davis claims the violent one is Patterson. He claims she posted a picture of a gun on Facebook with the caption, “His day will come.” Another time, she texted him with the message, “I can’t wait until the day you die so I can spit in your face (painful and slow).”

TMZ says that the court hearing will be May 7. Both are seeking permanent restraining orders.


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