WTF? Roy Nelson’s Manager says there’s nothing to gain from fighting Cormier

Posted: May 1, 2013 in Commentary/Opinion, Latest news

roy-nelson-belly-rubRoy Nelson must be butter, cuz he’s on a roll. He’s now won four of his last five UFC bouts—all four wins by knockout. His last three fights lasted a combined 6 minutes. That puts Nelson back in the mix as a heavyweight contender, possibly one big win away from a title fight. The name that kept popping up was Daniel Cormier.

Although that fight makes a lot of sense to me (and really, are there any other criteria?), it seems Nelson’s manager doesn’t like it. Mike Kogan doesn’t think Nelson will gain from that fight. I gotta say, I’m not sure what Kogan’s talking about.

If public opinion is worth anything—and we know it’s worth A LOT in MMA—then Cormier is widely considered a top two or three fighter in the world. Nothing to gain? How about a title shot?

Instead Kogan wants Antonio Silva after he loses again to Cain Velasquez. It’s obviously a play to get the best matchup for Big Country, but I wish they’d just say it. Saying Cormier doesn’t help, is a stupid comment. If he fought and beat DC, he’d definitely be in line for a title shot. And isn’t that what he’s looking for?

My advice to Kogan is to leave the stupid comments to Nelson—he seems to have a pretty good handle on them—and maybe work on getting Nelson more than $24,000 to show.


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