Shane Carwin Retires: My Favorite Moments/Highlights of his Career

Posted: May 8, 2013 in Latest news

shane-carwinWith heavyweight Shane Carwin officially announcing his retirement, let’s take a look at some of the highlights of the former UFC Interim Champ.

  • In his UFC debut, Carwin smashed Christian Wellisch in 44 seconds. Wellisch’s mouthpiece flew one direction, his head spun another, and his body folded up like a lawn chair you’d buy at Wal-Mart’s end-of-season sale—which is to say, awkwardly!
  • Although it took over a full minute this time, he tr5eated Gabriel Gonzaga with the same amount of contempt he treated Wellisch. And the lawn chair reference is also the same.
  • Carwin not only grabbed the interim title from Frank Mir, he battered him relentlessly, leaving Mir teetering on a stool for several minutes after the fight. That would be Carwin’s only sniff of a world title.
  • When the interim belt was placed around Carwin’s waist, Brock Lesnar scoffed, calling it a fake belt. Carwin, rather than take offense and counter Lesnar’s claim was quick to agree: “I couldn’t agree more, baby, that’s why I am coming after it!” That’s a ballsy statement I always liked.
  • “The Wink.” Up until the point Carwin fought him, Lesnar wasn’t familiar taking punishment, only dishing it out. All that changed when Carwin dominated the 1st round of their title fight. After destroying Brock’s face for a full round, what did he offer while waiting for the 2nd round bell to ring? A wink and a smile in the direction of the guy he would ultimately lose to. But a pretty cool moment nonetheless.
  • Sometimes losing can also be a highlight. Carwin took a savage beating at the hands of Junior Dos Santos in what would be the last fight of Carwin’s career. Although he lost—and lost badly—Carwin’s toughness could not be denied. His face was mangled beyond recognition, but he wasn’t stopped.

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