Would UFC 160 Wins by Silva and Hunt be Good or Bad for the UFC?

Posted: May 9, 2013 in Commentary/Opinion
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BigfootVIGNow seems to be a good time to start thinking about “what if” scenarios in the heavyweight division. UFC 160 will feature a title fight and a potential #1 contender fight later this month. Although Cain Velasquez is a heavy favorite over challenger Antonio Silva, and Junior Dos Santos is equally favored over Mark Hunt, we know that nothing is certain when it comes to heavyweights.

So we’re looking at the possibility that Bigfoot could upend Velasquez AND Hunt knocking out JDS. Is that good for the UFC? Or is it bad? Do those upsets make a case for why the UFC is awesome…or does it diminish the title? There are cases to be made for both arguments.

Yes, it’s good for the UFC. Wins by Bigfoot and Hunt, although major upsets, are exactly what the UFC needs. It paints a picture for the heavyweight division being an unpredictable assemblage of potential world champions. It makes every heavyweight title fight a can’t miss event that everyone better buy, or risk missing an historic moment. If UFC 160 sets the stage for Bigfoot Silva and Mark Hunt to be the next two world champions, the shift of power will be incredible. No more same ol’ fights again and again. Yes, I want to see those two upsets at UFC 160.

No, it’s not good for the UFC. There are only a few top fighters in the UFC’s shallowest division. Dos Santos and Velasquez lead the pack for a reason. Everyone else is either a pretender or a steppingstone. Bigfoot Silva and Mark Hunt are NOT championship caliber and giving either of them the belt would place a spotlight on just how weak the division really is. Dan Severn, Mark Coleman, Randy Couture are all former HW champs. Hunt and Silva are not in that class. It would be a fluke, if it happens. No one likes flukes–flukes are an embarrassment. If UFC 160 gives us two terrible results, the heavyweight division will take years to earn back the respect of the fans. No, I do not want to see anyone upset the apple cart of the weakest, yet most important division in the sport.

So what do you say? The question isn’t “who will win.” The question is, “if we see two upsets this month, is it good or bad for the UFC.” Are you a status quo person? If so, you’ll probably hope for Cain and JDS to win. And if you’re a turn things upside down kind of guy you might prefer Bigfoot and Hunt to hold the belt. So would the latter scenario be a good thing?

  1. DerbySanchez says:

    It’d be a good thing to shake up the order a bit. If either Hunt or Silva get the belt you can’t automatically say it’s a fluke. If they lose their next five fights after getting the title, then perhaps you could say that. Why not have someone new at the top if they earned it?

  2. Eric Self says:

    I like status quo and upsets. My scenario is Velasquez wins and so does Mark Hunt. Cormier beats Velasquez, then beats Mark Hunt, then beats Roy Nelson, then beats Alistair Overeem. While all this is going on Velasquez is training even harder and finally gets a shot at Cormier after 2-3 spectacular wins. Velasquez beats Cormier to become the heavyweight champion for a third time and the fight is labeled as EPIC. And that’s all I got because my crystal ball just broke, dang it!

  3. Sana Smith says:

    Most MMA fans were less than thrilled to hear Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva would get first crack at Cain Velasquez’s UFC heavyweight crown, particularly since Velasquez already throttled the Brazilian less than a year ago. Come to this link to see more: http://myfreestream.info/

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