RAPID FIRE — 18 ridiculous Questions for Brian Ebersole

Posted: May 13, 2013 in Cool Stuff We Like, Interviews
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UFC 140: Weigh InBrian Ebersole has become a favorite of VigilanteMMA readers over the years.  He never disappoints with his interviews, insights..and of course, his rugged good looks. This time we hit Brian with a bunch of questions he doesn’t usually get asked by “normal” reporters–mainly because normal reporters have some sense of professionalism. We aren’t concerned with that here. So let’s get Brian Ebersole’s thoughts on junk food, super heroes and even “ladyboys.” How’s THAT for a teaser?

What’s your favorite cartoon character from your childhood?

Woody Woodpecker! He was an interesting one. Him and Bugs Bunny are numbers 1 and 2.

What’s your favorite junk food to eat when you’re not training and cutting weight?

Ferrara. They’re like chocolate hazelnut malt balls.

What was your favorite breakfast cereal?

I absolutely loved cereal…I was a Lucky Charms kinda kid.

In a fight, would you rather trip over your own feet and lose the fastest fight in UFC history; or go through a full fight, but in the last round your opponent barfs on you?

Ah, I’ll take the barf and the victory any day! And if he could be in blue spandex shorts, that would be even better.

Since you’re currently in Thailand, have you had any Hangover 2 moments?

This morning at 6am, we saw the last of the ruffians. We saw a fella walking down the beach nice and romantic with his ladyboy and a bottle of beer in his hand. I think he was the last guy out partying in town. I’m not exactly sure what the full story was with his “slightly lady” friend though.

Let’s say your next opponent has to fight the night before and you get to book his opponent. Who would you book him against—you know, to rough him up before you step in with him?

Jon Jones. No wait, he might get cut with an elbow and I’d have to find a new opponent. So, maybe Mark Hunt. I don’t want to lose my opponent because of a cut from an elbow.

Ben Henderson is the lightweight champion in your “new” division. Who do you think is the #2 guy right now?

Well, Frankie Edgar left, didn’t he? Maybe Eddie Alvarez.

Who’s your favorite super hero?

Hmm, does He-Man count? Master of the Universe! He had powers…and he rode a tiger!

If you could fight a dream fight with anyone in history at any weight class, who would it be?

Damn, who would I want to fight? Royce Gracie, the guy who started it. That would be cool.

Walkout song…Gangnam Style or Walk Like an Egyptian?

(At this point Brian’s girlfriend yelled that he’s been “Gangnam Styling” non-stop)

But I’m still gonna go with my childhood Walk Like an Egyptian. I also did Gangnam Style with a three year old kid at the night markets. It was the cutest thing—if you were looking at him anyway. If you were looking at me, I just looked like a drunk idiot. But the kid was cute.

Do you have any idea why the Turkish mob would kidnap Liam Neeson’s family…AGAIN?

(Alicia responded with the best answer—“because they’re douchebags”)

Wow, I guess money.

Some of our readers know my Big Head Theory and my No Neck Theory (you can’t knock out a guy with a huge head and you can’t choke out a guy with no neck). With that in mind, how would you fare against Honey Boo Boo’s mom?

I’d smash her up after beating her up with leg kicks!

If you could fight any celebrity, who would it be?

Chris Brown.

What’s the least manly thing you do?

Nothing. I bring a swagger to everything. Except I whine like a woman.

On a flight from the U.S. to Thailand, would you rather sit next to two fat guys or two smelly guys?

Two fat guys. I could probably deal with that better than smell, but what if the two fat guys smell? That could be an issue.

The last three questions deal with a 1st date. If you were on a 1st date, would you rather wear…

 Dan Severn’s mustache or Royce Gracie’s gi?

Probably the gi because that would give me something to talk about.

Cowboy Cerrone’s hat or Dan Hardy’s hair?

Definitely the cowboy hat. I could probably act gentlemanly and bow with it.

Shogun Rua’s short shorts or Fedor’s lucky sweater?

Rua’s short shorts made out of the material of Fedor’s lucky sweater! I would make Tosh.0 with that—he loves that shit.

  1. Guy "The Hammer" Redman says:

    great banter guys

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