Hello??? Why is no one even talking about this Fight?

Posted: May 21, 2013 in UFC Events
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cowboybigWhy haven’t I heard more about this fight? With two big heavyweight fights taking up most of the marketing dollars for UFC 160, and the whole Mark Hunt/visa debacle dominating MMA websites, the KJ Noons vs. Donald Cerrone fight has managed to slip well under the radar.

Sure, there aren’t really any title implications to this one. Nor are the two fighters even reasonably close in the rankings—Noons is on a 1-4 stretch dating back to Strikeforce. However, this is a can’t miss fight. Any time Cowboy steps into the cage, he’s liable to win a post fight bonus. He’s won six bonuses in the UFC alone, to go along with another handful during his WEC days.

Noons, despite his recent struggles is an exciting standup fighter as well. His boxing is his strength, and Cerrone should oblige. I’m expecting a fast-paced bout primarily taking place on the feet. What’s interesting about this fight is that both fighters have finishing instincts and the ability to end every fight early. But on the flip side—and this could be the key to making this fight a real war—neither man is prone to getting knocked out or submitted.

Cerrone is coming off a KO loss in his last fight to Anthony Pettis, but that was the exception rather than the rule with Cowboy. If neither man gets finished early, this could be a lock for fight of the night. These guys are both technically sound boxers and kickboxers, so you won’t see a horrific drunken brawl like Matt Serra vs. Chris Lytle. Look for an edge-of-your-seat war in this one.

For the record—and because I know you’re wondering—Cerrone will win this fight. But with against a tough as nails opponent like Noons, it won’t be as easy as the matchup might suggest. In fact, KJ could take his FOTN bonus and “buy” himself another fight in the UFC despite dropping his 3rd straight, and 5th in 6 fights. MIGHT.

Either way, don’t sleep on this fight. It’s gotten next to no publicity in the pre-fight build up, thanks to the heavyweights. But Cerrone and Noons might be cashing in once the event is tucked away for the night.


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