Lentz blasts “Noob” doctor who sliced his hand following ‘UFC on FX’ win

Posted: May 21, 2013 in Latest news

lentz tweetGetting cut during a fight is just one of the hazards of the job. Getting cut AFTER the fight is a much worse feeling and experience. But featherweight Nik Lentz didn’t get cut during the fight. And he wasn’t cut from the UFC after the fight. He was cut by the by post-fight doctor who tried to remove his hand wraps following the fight.

Are you kidding? Lentz—who defeated Hacran Dias via unanimous decision by the way—blasted the “noob” (as he described) via Twitter following the incident with this line…“Hand is still bleeding a day after the doc cut it trying to get my hand wraps off!! Damn noob!!”

Lentz has been on a roll and gaining momentum in the featherweight division since his drop from lightweight. The Carny is now 3-0 at the new weight and is turning heads in what people are realizing is his ideal competitive weight class. Here’s to hoping Lentz recovers quickly. Of course, he’ll have to avoid deranged doctors to do so, but we can always hope.


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