Accusations of Misconduct continue to mount for MMA Manager Brett Atchley

Posted: May 22, 2013 in Commentary/Opinion

Tara-LaRosa-11If you haven’t been reading Brent Brookhouse’s (Bloody Elbow) compelling and shocking exposé on MMA manager Brett Atchley, you’ve really been missing out on some incredible reporting. And unfortunately an equally incredible level of appalling behavior (allegedly) by Atchley.

There have been an increasing number of frightening reports coming in from various female fighters over the past several days and it looks like there are more on the way. Here are some of lowlights of this story so far.

Tara LaRosa (pictured) outed Atchley as the culprit in a Facebook post early on. That was when details first started surfacing about yet unnamed manager who was using crooked tactics to intimidate female fighters. Among other disgraceful acts, LaRosa told stories of Atchley’s behavior that included stealing money from his clients (specifically Maurice Smith), stealing money from the purse of a woman he was dating, and claiming to be able to blackball anyone he wanted from ever fighting for Invicta or Strikeforce. LaRosa says Atchley also physically assaulted her before an event.

Another fighter, Jessamyn Duke, told tales of Atchley’s drunken behavior. Once he supposedly physically assaulted her mom at an event. And yet another time, she alleged he made very inappropriate sexual advances to a close friend. Duke also mentioned an instance where he actually showed her the confidential UFC contract of another fighter, Alexis Davis. All these actions stemming from Atchley’s “serious drinking problem,” and cited his “habitual” lying as a major red flag.

A third female fighter (who wanted to remain anonymous) also pointed a finger at Atchley and his drinking problem: “I didn’t think that it was appropriate that every time we went to an event, my business manager was drunk the whole time. There were also just a lot of lies.”

Sarah Maloy also made some allegations. She posted a statement on her Facebook page that suggested more serious misconduct including the threat of blackballing her from Invicta. He told Maloy that she would only be able to get another fight with Invicta if he said so. She also inferred that he could get her a contract without being his manager…but only “under inappropriate circumstances.”

Amateur fighter Alyssa Vasquez said that Atchley made unwanted sexual advances on her as well. Here’s the creepy account of a series of texts exchanged by the two. Atchley texted Vasquez that they should “grab a beer” when they’re at the next event. Vasquez agreed.  Then things got creepy. Atchley’s next test was “we should hug.” To which she replied “hugs are awesome!” Finally, his next response was “we should kiss,” at which point, she decided things were getting out of hand and didn’t reply further. When they did meet, Atchley planted an awkward one-sided kiss on Vasquez.

Bloody Elbow promised more updates as they said many more fighters have stepped forward. I recommend this series to everyone. It’s a story that needs to be told, and it’s very well done.

  1. John says:

    I think that this is interesting but keep in mind that at this point it is speculation/ accusations. I do not seek to defend a man who is guilty of these things but so often in the news recently people are having their lives ruined over things that have turned out to be false. (Think what happened with reddit and the guy everyone thought was bomber who ended up being found innocent after killing himself). I think our job as an MMA community is to act with poise and patience. We just dont know anything for sure until we do.

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