11th Straight Embarrassment for Bob Sapp; this guy SUCKS

Posted: May 28, 2013 in Commentary/Opinion, Latest news

bob_sappAttention fans…this is not—I repeat, NOT—a reprint of any previous articles I have written about Bob Sapp over the last couple years. But it’s going to sound an awful lot like all of the others we’ve written. If you want to read on, feel free. For those of you who just want to get to the point, all you need to know is Bob Sapp lost Aleksander Emelianenko in Russia over the weekend.

If you’d like to know details, you should know that Sapp looked “a little bloated.” By that I mean, fat. He also looked “tentative.” By that I mean, like a pussy. One of the only noteworthy events was Emelianenko’s Kimbo-Slician beard. It was rumored that his entire corner crew was hidden in there, shouting instructions.

About the only other shocking news was that Sapp didn’t tap. Instead he was saved by the ref after Aleks dropped a few (not a lot) shots to Sapp’s gigantic head. Of course, he wound up on the ground because he practically dove to the mat when he was hit with a couple legitimate punches while standing.

Enjoy the video while you can. But know this. Bob Sapp is the worst.That embarrassment makes 11 straight losses (and 14 of 15) for Sapp. He even lost to Bobby Lashley–and don’t get me started on him.


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