Chuck Liddell: “I would have beaten Anderson Silva”

Posted: May 29, 2013 in Commentary/Opinion, Cool Stuff We Like

chuck-liddellI’m a sucker for this type of stuff. I love when athletes make strong statements rather than the usual clichés that have ruined the basic interview in most every other professional sport. MMA hasn’t completely fallen to that trend yet and thankfully so. Chuck Liddell certainly hasn’t fallen to the art of the cliché.

The Hall of Famer recently sat down with Fighters Only and talked a little about current middleweight kingpin, Anderson Silva. Silva vs. Jon Jones has been a highly speculated superfight pitting the Spider against the reigning light heavyweight champ. So of course the topic of discussion turned to whether Liddell could take Silva.

“I would beat him,” the Iceman stated flatly. “I always said that I would. I have the advantage in weight and height, so it would be more likely that I would beat him. But Anderson is one of my favorite fighters.”

I’m glad he added that last line. Like obviously I’d beat this guy…but I like him. So Chuck says he’d beat Anderson; but what about another guy who has dabbled at 205 before—Chael Sonnen? With this fantasy matchup, Liddell wasted no time giving his opinion.

“Sonnen has nothing to offer me.”

Pretty simple way to answer a question that probably shouldn’t even be a question. Kudos to Chuck for not relying on the politically correct, canned answers. It makes things more interesting.


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