Frank Mir thinks fight with Barnett would be “Phenomenal”

Posted: May 29, 2013 in Rumors, UFC Events
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mirFor some reason, this is the fight I wanted to see for Josh Barnett’s promotional (re-) debut.  And it looks like the wheels are turning for the eventual matchup of Barnett vs. Frank Mir. We know Barnett is already hoping for this fight. And now Mir has offered his two cents as well.

“I think that would be a phenomenal fight,” Mir stated. “Some of the fans have talked about it a lot on the Internet as far as who is the better catch wrestler. And I think that I would be more than happy to welcome him to the UFC and I think it would be a great fight.”

Well this is nice to hear coming from Mir, isn’t it? When I heard Barnett talking about this fight, I half-expected Mir to dismiss it completely. He is, after all the same guy who dismissed a potential Brock Lesnar rubber match by saying something like, I think Brock needs a win to get back into my class. Yeah right.

But in a division with arguably a VERY thin upper tier, and several fighters hoping to get there, this is a good one. Two of the best ground fighters in the game, this is sure to be a technical affair—if it happens.

Mir is coming off consecutive losses to Junior Dos Santos and Daniel Cormier—two fights that saw Mir largely handled on the feet. Barnett may not be so unwilling to take it to the ground against the jiu jitsu ace.

The most recent common opponent of course is Cormier. DC wasn’t shy about his belief that Barnett was the tougher of the two fights for him. He pulled off a unanimous 5 round decision against Barnett to win the Strikeforce Grand Prix. That fight has since been considered perhaps the best 5 round heavyweight battle of all time.

Stay tuned. Barnett vs. Mir could be on the horizon.

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