Despite unexpected good fortune, Miesha Tate still squawking about “early” stoppage

Posted: May 30, 2013 in Commentary/Opinion
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Miesha TateWith the last minute surprise switch on The Ultimate Fighter 18’s first day of filming, Miesha Tate found herself in a spot she thought she lost. As everyone knows by now, Cat Zingano brutally finished Tate in their April matchup to determine the #1 contender, but then suffered a severe knee injury just prior to TUF’s first day of filming.

Tate still thinks the fight was stopped too soon. “People, hate me if you want to, but the fighter in me says I wasn’t finished,” she told MMA Junkie. That was after reviewing the fight video of Zingano battering her with knees and elbows in the 3rd round of that fight.

She went on to talk about destiny and how it makes for “interesting TV” since she and Ronda Rousey can’t stand each other. But let’s talk about her continued stance that she was still fighting back against Zingano. I just have two words for that thought…Puh-Leeeeaze! Here’s the thing about blaming a ref for stopping a fight too early. If the ref doesn’t jump in, the beating continues. And make no mistake; Zingano was beating Tate badly when the ref stopped that fight. And she would have continued bashing her unmercifully if he would have allowed it to continue.

I’m not here to bash Miesha Tate. I know every fighter thinks they could have gone on a little longer. That’s not my point. My point is the fight is over! Tate lost. Zingano won. Let it go, Miesha! You were given a gift when Zingano injured her knee. Enjoy it and stop bringing up the damn referee.


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