Nelson & White Continue to bicker: “Beat someone and you’ll get a title shot!”

Posted: June 3, 2013 in Commentary/Opinion, Latest news
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roy-nelson-belly-rubWe’ve all witnessed the dynamic between Dana White and Roy Nelson ever since Nelson first appeared on TUF 10. These guys butt heads at every turn; that’s no secret. Nelson thinks Dana will never give him a title shot—which he apparently believes he deserves. White says, that’s crazy. Here’s what he told Yahoo Sports:

“Roy loves to say I’ll never give him a title shot. But dude, beat someone and then I’ll give you the shot. Roy is knocking off these guys ranked six through 10, but when he gets to fighting the top five guys, he can’t do the same thing. You’re not going to get a title shot for beating No. 6 and No. 8. You have to beat the top guys.”

Really, White is absolutely correct about most everything in that paragraph. Nelson has fought three top 5 opponents—Junior Dos Santos, Frank Mir and Fabricio Werdum—and lost all of them. The only thing that doesn’t make sense is when White said he’s beating guys ranked 6 through 10. Really?

Who has he fought that was ranked in the top 10 at that time? Let’s list them off in order: Schaub, Struve, Cro Cop, Herman, Mitrione, Kongo. I think White is being too kind in a way. Stipe Miocic is next for Big Country—that’s another guy who’s on the outside looking in as far as top 10 is concerned.

“If [Nelson] goes out there and beats the guys ranked head of him, then yeah, he’ll get one,” White continued. “But he’s not going to get one just by talking about it and doing whatever the hell he is trying to do. He’s going to have to fight for it, just like everyone else.”

You know, it’s not all Nelson’s fault though. Sure, he’s lost those three fights. But there’s a world of difference between Matt Mitrione and Fabricio Werdum. How about offereing Nelson some true top 10 guys before elevating him to the elite opponents? Travis Browne, Bigfoot Silva or even Mark Hunt seem like good intermediate fights for him don’t they? A win over one of those guys would put him up in that top class. Then it’s put up or shut up time for Roy.

Regardless the back-and-forth finger pointing by Nelson and White, both of them need to realize then other one has a decent point.


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