‘Big Country’ points Finger at Cormier & Browne for refusing to Fight

Posted: June 5, 2013 in Latest news, Rumors, UFC Events

At yesterday’s press conference for UFC 161, Roy Nelson said a few things that made me do a double take. That’s not a big surprise that Roy had something controversial to discuss, but he’s always worth a listen. Among other things, he accused “typical fighters” of abusing PEDs; and he mentioned two fighters by name that supposedly turned down fights against Big Country.

According to Nelson, contender Daniel Cormier turned down a fight with Nelson. Cormier hasn’t responded yet, but that seems odd. Nelson went on to say that the reason he’s fighting a tough, but not high-ranked Stipe Miocic is because others refused to fight his as well. “I think Travis Browne, and so forth and so forth.”

Aside from accusing these guys of ducking him, Nelson had even more accusations—and these are even stronger. While discussing his physical appearance, he said there’s a good reason why he doesn’t look like everyone else in the UFC.

“It’s just people that tend to be in our sport tend to abuse performance-enhancing drugs,” he explained, “so that’s the reason why I probably don’t look like the typical UFC fighter.”

Nelson was probably wise to not mention names while painting with these broad strokes. Although it makes for incredible headlines, I don’t think he’s ready to become the Jose Canseco of MMA just yet. And honestly, I’m a little more interested in hearing about why (and if) Cormier, Browne and possibly others are turning down a fight with Nelson.


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