WTF of the Day: Brendan Schaub calls horrific jiu jitsu performance a “success”

Posted: June 10, 2013 in Commentary/Opinion
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Brendan_Schaub_ 0008Brendan Schaub didn’t fight in the UFC over the weekend, but he still made MMA news with his appearance at a jiu jitsu submission event. Unfortunately for The Hybrid, he made news for all the wrong reasons. His opponent in the match was Roberto “Cyborg” Abreu, a three time former world no-gi champion with countless other honors and awards.

Since I’m not a jiu jitsu technician, I’ll save the play by play and just give you a few tidbits about this “fight.” Among the adjectives other outlets used for Schaub’s performance were “embarrassing,”  “absurd” and “flat out disgrace.” The main theme of the bout was that Schaub simply ran away from Abreu the entire match.

In case you don’t understand the basics of jiu jitsu—which apparently Schaub didn’t understand—it involves ground work and grappling. Schaub preferred to stand up and run away every time Abreu tried to get the fight to the mat. Abreu was clearly peeved, the fans were obviously outraged and the media called him out. But still, Schaub was unapologetic, and shocking even proud of his performance.

“For me it was a success,” he said in the post-fight press conference. “Shutting him down for 20 minutes was a success for Brendan Schaub.” I’ll give him a pass for referring to himself in the 3rd person, but only because I want to address his term—“shut down.” If he shut down Abreu’s game, so did I.

Abreu was obviously frustrated by the lack of engagement. “If you don’t want to get caught in anything, just stay home,” he told Schaub afterwards.

Really this isn’t the first time Schaub has taken this type of criticism. His last fight in the UFC against Lavar Johnson was equally nauseating. Johnson is exactly the opposite of Abreu—incredible standup power, but next to zero ground game—and much to the chagrin of everyone, “shut down” Johnson as well by engaging in a terrible grappling match.

At one time not too long ago, Schaub was considered one of the bright young prospects in MMA. After those two critical bombs, he might want to think about changing his game plan because he’s not making any friends.


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