Chael Sonnen denies Elevated Testosterone, but admits, “Yes, I took it to get an edge!”

Posted: June 13, 2013 in Commentary/Opinion, Latest news

SOnnenVIG1Chael Sonnen has been through his share of controversy in his career and personal life, and he’s not afraid to talk about it. One of the topics of discussion on the Jim Rome Show was Sonnen’s 2010 suspension for elevated levels of testosterone. But wait, Sonnen, says that’s not true.

“That is inaccurate,” he told Rome. “I didn’t have high levels (of testosterone). I had a separated T to E (testosterone to epitestosterone) ratio, which is not illegal. I was in trouble for the disclosure issue and they gave me six months.” So Sonnen is claiming that his testosterone levels weren’t high.

That’s odd, because it was revealed that his levels were in fact well over the limit. He reportedly tested at just over a 16 to 1 ratio. That seems to clearly be the very definition of “high levels.” Either way, the commission did ultimately suspend Sonnen for six months, largely due to what Sonnen accurately points out as “the disclosure issue.” If you remember, he failed to inform the commission of his testosterone treatments for a pre-existing condition.

“Testosterone’s not illegal, which we all found out,” he continued. “It’s perfectly legal. I followed all the rules as I understood them and yes, I took it to get an edge.  I would never take anything if I didn’t think it would help me.”

Another interesting admission by Sonnen. I admire his honesty. Testosterone treatment absolutely helps a fighter, although no one else really admits it. Why would a fighter undergo ANY kind of treatment unless it enhanced their performance in some manner, right? Sonnen certainly admitted it with enthusiasm. “All medication is meant to enhance us in America,” he said.

He’s dancing around the truth because of the fact that he did in fact have very high levels of testosterone. Despite the technical reason behind his suspension, he still had a testosterone level that was about 16 times that of a normal adult male.  But still, he went back to that topic.

“I took testosterone that was perfectly legal, and I did not have elevated levels. I wasn’t even accused of that. The media did that to me.”

I’ll repeat that for emphasis. “The media did that to me.”

How do you feel about this?

  1. The fans are just uneducated about Trt. If one fighter is at 800 naturally because they are 24 years old and sonnen is at 700 because he needs trt is that cheating? If there total test is in normal range 300-1100 who cares.

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