Thomson’s Press Release an empty Gesture; Blames the Media

Posted: June 14, 2013 in Commentary/Opinion, Latest news

joshthomsonJosh Thomson took a fair share of heat for his views on gay marriage the other day. In case you missed it, The Punk suggested that legalized gay marriage is a gateway to allowing other forms of non-traditional marriage—such as men marrying small children and humans marrying animal, among other scenarios.

Now he’s responded to the storm that followed…with more nonsense. His “team” issued a press release which (I think) was designed to explain his comments and also try to soften the harsh criticism he received. Unfortunately, it didn’t really work that way.

Instead, he used a few poor tactics that publicists often use to give the impression of an apology or explanation, without actually apologizing or explaining anything. For his full press release, click here.

In the release, Thomson shifts blame, and in embarrassing fashion. He blames the media for taking his comments out of context—a publicist tactic that’s been ineffective for decades. More to the point, it’s completely inaccurate. None of the websites I saw took anything out of context. Most—including this one—either copy-and-pasted his EXACT words, or represented his words with great accuracy. Mr. Thomson, the media DID NOT do this to you.

He also said that he deleted his controversial posts “out of respect” to the people “who may have been offended.” This is another old school method of giving the appearance of apologizing, without doing so. In my opinion, Thomson missed the mark with this press release, and he did so in a big way.

And by the way, thanks for including a live link to NAMBLA within your press release. I’m sure everyone who clicked on it from their work computers will enjoy explaining that one to the director of HR.


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