Struve vs. Nogueria Rumored … Sounds Good to Me

Posted: June 20, 2013 in Rumors

stefan-struveHere’s a heavyweight fight that makes sense to me. Stefan Struve is interested in fighting heavyweight legend Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira. Both fighters are nursing injuries from respective losses in their last fights and are hovering just outside the top 10.

Struve suffered a KO loss—along with a broken jaw—at the hands of Mark Hunt in March. It was Struve’s first loss in five fights.

For Nogueira, he too is coming off a loss to Fabricio Werdum. Since entering the UFC in 2007, Big Nog has essentially alternated wins and losses. His most significant UFC wins have come against Randy Couture and Tim Sylvia, the latter earning him the UFC interim title.

Really this fight makes sense to me. Nog is fast approaching the end of the line and Struve is a legitimate challenge, but also isn’t part of the elite class of heavyweights who tend to give Nog plenty of problems. He should probably focus more on mid tier fighters at this time anyway.

Likewise Struve’s path to success really needs to be now, in my opinion. He’s shown he can defeat the lower tier of heavyweights like Barry, Heman and Johnson. He needs to rally from his loss to Hunt and build off his win over Stipe Miocic, another fighter on the rise. A win over Nogueira would certainly help fast track his career so we all know what he is. Is he a true future star of the sport? Or is he simply an entertaining fighter destined to slip into the top 10 for short periods?

What do you think about this fight?


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