Junior Dos Santos: “Velasquez hits like a girl”

Posted: June 21, 2013 in Commentary/Opinion, WTF!?
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Sometimes fighters say ridiculous things to try to get under the skin of another fighter. And many times, the things they use as bait make no sense at all. Prepare yourselves, because this is one of those times. I won’t beat around the bush. Junior Dos Santos said Cain Velasquez hits like a girl. I’ll make one concession on this story—maybe he was joking.

You won’t have to be reminded of the condition of Junior’s face after the 5 round drubbing at the hands—the girlish hands—of UFC champ Velasquez. He looked like a combination of a gargoyle, an ogre and a troll that was just run over by a dump truck. His lips looked like two sausages.

Still, that fact didn’t stop Dos Santos from telling the Brazilian media that the swelling in his face wasn’t an indication of Cain’s weak punches. He said since Cain didn’t cut him open, it proved that he was never hit hard.

It isn’t hard to imagine that Dos Santos is building toward his next run at Cain—it would be the 3rd and rubber match between the two top heavyweights. If JDS is joking, I don’t think it’s necessary. He’s going to get the rematch anyway. Why would he attempt to poke fun at his terrible beating to gain heat? And if he wasn’t joking??? Please!


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