Rumor of the Day — Weidman might be injured?

Posted: June 24, 2013 in Commentary/Opinion

WeidmanVIGI haven’t seen this rumor substantiated by any other news outlets, but according to Zeus at Middle Easy, there are some rumblings about a possible injury to Chris Weidman. Since the fellas at Middle Easy are cool with us, I’m going to at least pass these details on.

According to the story, “more than one” source told them that Weidman jacked up his shoulder in preparation for his upcoming bout with Anderson Silva at UFC 162. And it gets worse. One of those sources claimed that the injury is severe enough that they Weidman will be pulling out of the fight “this week.”

The ironic thing about this rumor is that very recently we also heard rumors start to spread about Silva getting injured and possibly pulling out of the fight. Since that story got into the public, it was proven false.

As another one of the sources pointed out, it leads to yet another possibility—“he will blame the loss on his shoulder” if he loses to Silva.

I don’t have to tell you how devastating this could be if it turns out to be true. Weidman seems to be on the VERY short list of fighters who many fans think could actually defeat the Spider. Our repeated calls to Weidman have gone unanswered–we’ll let you know if our attempts to break into his house shed any light on it.


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