Rampage Jackson calls out Roy Nelson, wants to “F**k him up”

Posted: June 26, 2013 in Commentary/Opinion, Rumors
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rampageThis either makes no sense or it makes perfect sense. New Bellator fighter/TNA wrestler Rampage Jackson is issuing a challenge to a guy outside his weight class—and outside his own organization. Jackson told MMA Mania that he’d love to tangle with Roy Nelson. On the surface, that’s just idle talk from Jackson. But you don’t have to dig far to realize it’s not impossible.

Responding to a question about “Big Country’s” status with the UFC, he said “I would love to fight Roy Nelson. Fuck him up.”

As you know, Nelson just fought the last fight on his existing contract with the UFC, which makes him a free agent. We also know that Rampage just days ago announced that he has interest in moving up to heavyweight. In MMA—like chess—it always pays to look into the future. This could be a preemptive challenge, just in case Nelson finds his way to SpikeTV.

Notice I said “Spike” and not Bellator. My first thought when I heard this was, hmmm, could this be setting up a TNA feud? Nelson, like Jackson, has expressed a serious desire to enter the world of profession al wrestling. Remember when he spoke with VigilanteMMA a while back? He even challenged Brock Lesnar in a WWE “fight.”

Whether a Rampage vs. Nelson fight happens in Bellator remains to be seen. But it would certainly draw ratings. Likewise, a match for TNA makes sense. With King Mo in the mix and now Rampage, it seems like the time is right for Bellator/TNA to cherry pick other recognizable names as they become available. I don’t think they need to shy away from former UFC guys any more.

As for Rampage vs. Nelson, it would be among the highest profile fights the company has ever had.


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