Happy Birthday Wanderlei Silva: here’s a GRAPHIC Highlight Video to Celebrate

Posted: July 3, 2013 in Commentary/Opinion, Cool Stuff We Like

MMA legend Wanderlei Silva turns 37 today. Let’s celebrate by taking another look at his devastating career in this highlight video (originally posted here in 2011).


This  morning I was feeling a bit tired and lacked motivation. I knew I needed something to perk me up. So–as I often do–I decided I needed an early fix of Wanderlei Silva. There’s something about a series of devastating knees to the head that makes me feel alive. Feeling under the weather? Here’s a nice head stomp. Can’t seem to wake up? Perhaps I could interest you in a well-placed soccer kick.

So with that in mind, I did two things. First, I watched an incredible video of Wand highlights directly from Wanderlei’s Facebook page. And second, I re-read the article we wrote back in January following our trip to Wand’s Gym in Las Vegas. I think they are both worth a second look for our readers. Enjoy.


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  1. […] Silva. I like this match a lot, partially because I’m a nostalgia buff and partially because I just like Wanderlei. I admit, a Silva/Silva fight should have happened 5 […]

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