Anderson Silva’s “antics” offended you? Well, you can’t have it both ways

Posted: July 8, 2013 in Commentary/Opinion, UFC Events

silvahandsWe all know what Anderson Silva lost on Saturday: the fight, the belt, his ridiculous winning streak, perhaps his aura and mystique. But I won’t be ripping The Spider for his in-cage antics today; or (as I’ve heard) his lack of caring; or (as I’ve heard) his disrespect for the sport. Maybe I will tomorrow, but not today.

I think it’s pretty hypocritical of fans to sit in awe of Silva’s abilities as he pulls off Matrix-like moves while avoiding attacks from his opponents only to land devastating finishing blows of his own; and then turn around and criticize him for doing it against Chris Weidman in a loss.

Honestly there is only one difference between Silva’s awe inspiring performances against Bonnar, Sonnen, Belfort, Griffin and others. He didn’t win.

Dancing, dodging and ducking are trademarks of Silva’s. Many people probably see those things as showboating—and in a way, they certainly are. But they are also strategic movements. How did everyone say Weidman was going to win—if he could possibly pull it off? With his superior wrestling, like Chael Sonnen’s first attempt. How did Weidman win the first round? With his superior wrestling.

So, had rounds 2 through 5 gone exactly like round 1, what would have happened? Silva would have either pulled off a surprising win like Sonnen…or he would have lost. So what does he do? He starts challenging Weidman to stand up. He mocked and goaded and gestured to the All-American. And guess what? IT WORKED!

Weidman for some reason completely abandoned what worked so well in the first round. I couldn’t believe it. Why would ANYONE stand with Anderson Silva? I’ll never understand how that technique—goading your opponent out of his own gameplan—continues to work in MMA. So Silva’s tactics that are being condemned so harshly today resulted in exactly what he wanted—a standup fight with a guy who isn’t as strong in that area.

We all know that a plan, while successful in theory, doesn’t always equate to a win. And that’s what was so shocking about it. Silva put his hands down and jiggled in Weidman’s face, just as he’d done to several others in the UFC. And we all laughed and we all loved it—because it was ballsy and amazing. And now that Silva lost, we all criticize him for clowning around and insulting the sport.

You can’t have it both ways, fans. You loved Silva’s arrogance last week; and you admired how a guy so skilled could line dance in the cage and get away with it. So please do me a favor. If you enjoyed Silva’s performances against Griffin or Bonnar or countless others over the years; do not get too hung up on them in this fight. You can’t have it both ways.

  1. Denny Crane says:

    I agree totally. However I noticed new tactics that he has NEVER done before. Listen when he puts his arms/hands by his side that is his style and that’s Anderson 101. But please tell me you noticed that he did something that was very noticeable and that was to “Pretend” to be hurt and wobble his legs as if he was going to have his legs give out under him and he rolled his eyes which actually did him in taking his eyes and focus clearly off of his opponent. Doing the Matrix moves are fine, he even got caught right smack in the face pretty hard and Anderson laughed at him and gave a huge smile and gestured bug time with his hands, “Come on, come on is that the best and all you got to offer kid??!!!!” Not only did he stand in front of Chris Weidman but he acted as if he was in a movie making fun of it all, rolling his eyes, showing Weidman that his punches didn’t affect him or hurt him. The mistakes are not putting down his arms and teasing Chris Weidman, but he Anderson didn’t have seriousness or focus or his usual eye contact on his opponent like he always does. If he was serious like when he fought say Vitor Belfort or Dan Henderson I know this would have ended up as just another simple win for Anderson. No matter who he fights next, I don’t care if it’s Joe Rogan for Pete’s sake….he better never ever again role his eyes as if he was going down or being hurt, those will be shoved down his throat by his friends, family, coaches and anyone who cares about him. I’m sure Steven Seagal will even say, “What were you thinking Payzan??” I can assure you he still will in the future put his hands down because that’s how he fights and lures people in, but he will never do that crap with his eyes or wobble his legs where he has no clear balance. That was just dumb!

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