DAMN! Bisping says sparring KO rumor is false

Posted: July 17, 2013 in Commentary/Opinion

ufc100_08_henderson_vs_bisping_003Here’s one of those rumors we want to be true. Seriously can anyone think of a better story than Michael Bisping getting knocked out in sparring? I didn’t think so. So here’s the scoop. There was a rumor floating around the past few days that The Count was hanging out at Wild Card’s Gym in California.

He was apparently there to work on his stand-up for the Mark Munoz fight. According to the story, he was going hard in a sparring session, going so far as to disrespect his sparring partner. No one liked that type of behavior (sorry, it’s “behaviour” when talking about Bisping), so a coach threw a professional boxer into the ring with Bisping.

Let’s just say, that scenario didn’t go too well for The Count. It’s been said that the boxer knocked his ass out within minutes in retaliation for disrespecting the gym. I’m imagining a repeat of the face he made when Hendo “disrespected” Bisping’s face, making him look like a mental patient in One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest.

Well, as much as we’d all like this rumor (oops… “rumour”) to be true, Bisping himself has responded to refute it. He tweeted the following message. “I have never been ko’d sparring at wildcard gym, or in sparring ever. Recovering from eye surgery so haven’t sparred a while.”

That sucks. Although the rumor appears to be untrue, is it okay if I just think about it as though it actually happened? Please???


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